IntrinsiQ Analytics

Our analytics make the difference.

IntrinsiQ Analytics gathers and integrates the most robust data, including data from IntelliDose®, and then tailors it to customer needs. By translating complex and disparate healthcare data into actionable business intelligence, we help providers, payers and pharmaceutical manufacturers drive healthcare decisions and improve patient care.

Our unparalleled experience and rigorous approach to decision-making enables our customers to confidently:

  • Evolve with healthcare reform
  • Improve stakeholder effectiveness
  • Optimize costs and outcomes
  • Protect their viability
  • Identify points of differentiation
  • Drive continuous improvement

Analytic Solutions for Advancing Intelligence

IntrinsiQ Analytics provides a modular portfolio of data products, analytic solutions and services to enable comprehensive and actionable insights.

  • We start with multiple robust data sources to instill confidence in our results.
  • We transform data into specific, measurable, actionable tools.
    • intelliVIEW™: The gold standard for US real-time, longitudinal oncology treatment information. It allows for the leverage of comprehensive data to improve business intelligence.
    • treatmentflow intelliVIEW™: Graphically details patient progression through multiple lines of therapy, including analysis of treatment pathways, therapy duration, time to progression, and cumulative drug exposure. It enhances disease knowledge, sizes market potential of specific targeted populations, highlights areas of unmet drug treatment needs, and assists in revealing optimal drug usage in patient care.
    • siteALERT: Leverages actual clinical drug treatments to target and segment physicians and practices in real time. Based on a client's unique/specific business and clinical needs, siteALERTs are customized reports that identify targeted patient treatment decisions at the clinical and individual physician level.
    • providerINSIGHTS: Providers a custom analytic solution to develop and implement practice and physician targeting and segmentation based on your product's unique business and clinical needs.
    • marketVIEW: Allows manufacturers to better understand the impact of GPO management, market, and practice dynamics relative to sales and purchases.
    • customANALYTICS: Based on your unique business needs, IntrinsiQ Analytics can provide a range of custom analytic solutions, from healthcare resource utilization trends to treatment sequencing analyses. The result: greater potential for increased value, product differentiation and expansion, and significant patient benefits.
  • We apply analytic capabilities according to the type of research required.
  • We bundle tools and capabilities, specific to need, into tailored offering options.
  • We provide solutions that are accurate, detailed, consistent, and flexible, so you know you are making the right decision at the right time for your company.

Why IntrinsiQ Analytics?

We are the only oncology analytics company with the expertise to transform complex data into differentiated intelligence to drive your business.


  • Advanced degrees focused in statistics, business, and science
  • Proven analytics platform developed and enhanced by oncologists for oncologists


  • Over 100 years of combined experience in oncology
  • More than 10 years in oncology-focused analytics business


  • Largest oncology data source for provider, patient and payer-linked data
  • Multiple data types and sources lead to greater confidence in results


  • Data and Expertise through our integrated delivery network, information delivery and innovative analytic solution partners

At IntrinsiQ Analytics, we integrate, standardize and transform raw data into information that can be analyzed, packaged and customized for deeper business insights and intelligence. Along with our analytic products and services, we are known for superior customer service to ensure deliverables in a timely and efficient manner.

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